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Kinder mit Schnuller mit Namen

We do a summer break from 10.07.2015-01.08.2015. After this time, we're back with new energy.

Of course, you can still place your order. These orders will be processed and delivered after the summer break, immediately. Our last shipment will be on 07.07.2015. All order and payments after that date, will be processed after the 01.08.2015.

Soothers with Name

- Quality certified pacifiers!
- Tested safe to British Standard!
- Avoid losing your baby pacifier!

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Swaddle & Burp Blanket - Boys

18,95 EUR
Baby Softshoes CeLaVi

Baby Softshoes CeLaVi - Blue & Pink

16,90 EUR
NUK Genius Cream/Red

NUK Genius Cream/Red Size 2-Latex...

16,00 EUR

NUK Genius Red & Gold Ring Size...

12,00 EUR
NUK Genius Blue & Gold Ring Size 2-Latex

NUK Genius Blue & Gold Ring Size...

12,00 EUR

Twister - sailing ship

9,95 EUR

Twister - Red

9,95 EUR

Swaddle & Burp Blanket - Girls

18,95 EUR

NUK Starlight Boys Size 2-Latex (Pack...

12,00 EUR
NUK Genius Cream / Blue Size 2-Latex

NUK Genius Cream / Blue Size 2-Latex...

16,00 EUR
Soothers NUK Starlight Size 2-Latex

NUK Starlight Size 2-Latex Girls

12,00 EUR

NUK-Starlight Ocean Green Size...

12,00 EUR
NUK Genius Gold Ring

NUK Genius Gold Ring Size 2-Latex...

16,00 EUR
NUK Starlight Latex Yellow Size 2

NUK-Starlight Yellow Size 2-Latex...

12,00 EUR


Yellow Size3

NUK Starlight Yellow Size 3-Latex...

instead 12,00 EUR
only 9,00 EUR